This is just to comment on the site or ask questions or even tell me about yourself.


whoever tells the most interesting dance story will have there first name and where they dance on the front of my web page for a whole 2 weeks!

i will pick the most interesting. CANNOT BE Inappropriate Keep it pg-13 atleast.



04/14/2008 10:04

I was only 4 years old and i use to love wearing bad-aids. I had them all over my hand for absolutely no reason other then i liked playing with them. Any way i started to walk into dance class and my teacher was like "oh sweety are you okay?" and i was like "um yeah." ( im my sweet little kid voice) and my teacher was like "well im gonna have you sit out and watch the class dance today cause you look like your in alot of pain." and i felt kinda bad cause my class was working really hard that day and i was sitting there cause my teacher thought i was hurt when really i wasnt. well i hope you liked my story. its okay if you dont pick it. i think its kinda stupied too. no hard feelings. seriously. NO HARD FEELINGS. im not joking. when i say no hard feelings i mean "no hard feelings" well im gonna go now. have a good winter break. see ya at school. bye

04/14/2008 10:05

i ment to say spring break.

04/14/2008 10:06


04/14/2008 10:13

LOL. i absolutely love your story. Happy spring break too you too :( haha

04/14/2008 11:01

i meant :) lol

Emily and Rae
04/19/2008 16:56

hey RAE lol. Me and my cosin checked out ur website and its awesome. we loved it and the videos. ttyl bye

04/20/2008 06:17

O M to the G heyy thnx so muchh c ya lata byee <3

05/01/2008 16:34

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05/02/2008 12:49

ok whats ur web site?

05/15/2008 14:26

ur website is hottttttttt

12/13/2008 13:46

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