ME~ i am a Dancer.

I love to dance.

Ihave been danceing for 5 years.

I am a jazz dancer.

I am calling myself RAE right now : )



04/14/2008 09:51

HEY! whats up? cool website! I will start calling you Rae now. Later.

04/14/2008 11:26

hey thnx nmu??

04/16/2008 16:46

hey i love this site! this is the best ive seen so far and trust me ive seen alot! well i dance ti hiphop and techno. they are my favorite. dancein is da bomb and well i love it! my website is not about danceing but if u like animals thats were to go. ill be commin to your site alot so ya thats how much i like it! well talk l8r!


04/17/2008 06:39

o thnx. i <3 animals lol. comment me ur site and ill check it out. OP and im running a contest to see who comments the best dance story and if you win your nME AND WHERE u dance will be on the front page of my site :). ~ rae
( go to "comment on anything") thats where u submit the story and theres an example


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